Virtual Business Cards: DooID v2.0. Love It!


DooID v2.0 Virtual Business Card

Hi, Everyone! DooID v2.0 is an all-new DooID web application I want to share with you (if you don't know about it, already). DooID v2.0 is a novel way to create virtual business cards. It includes many new features beyond DooID v1.0. I really enjoyed using DooID v1.0 and now, I'm enjoying the DooID v2.0 even more! I think it is a web application that you'll find very useful, as well. And, no I'm not an affiliate; I simply love the DooID!

Below, are the new features of DooID v2.0:

1. Amazing new layouts that invite you to play with the all-new DooID interface.

2. You can save your favorites and contacts under "My People". Have up-to-date contact information of your friends and clients always at-hand.

3. Design your personal DooID & experience the new interface, including real-time preview, all on one page! Now customizing your virtual business card is fun & fast.

4. DooID Search - You can look for users with interests relevant to you, or be found by others.

5. There are more than twenty high-quality fonts available for your DooID Headline. All fonts are scalable in size.

6. There is an extensive style & color library that can be combined with any layout. Now, there are endless design possibilities for your personal Virtual Business Card.

7. You can customize all the colors of your DooID with the new color palette.

8. DooID Quickshare - Is a sharing tool for instant connection to your networks and e-mail programs. You can promote yourself!

The image at the top-left corner is the new, DooID v2.0 Sidebar widget (click on 'v-card'). For more examples of DooID you can view the ones in the video (below) and view mine, linked below.

If you would like to see 'live', clickable examples of the DooID Blog & E-mail Signature Widgets visit, ''Professional Blog & E-mail Signature Widgets - DooID v2.0' '.

To find out more about this exciting way to create virtual business cards, DooID v2.0, visit DooID. For the latest information on DooID you can follow @dooid on Twitter. By the way, DooID was created by Per Schmitz.

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